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You might wonder whether this silly little flower in my loropetalum is even worthy of a photo, but I like it, so here it is. Worth is an odd idea anyway. What is it that makes something or someone worthy of love or friendship or appreciation or photography?

We differ a lot in what we find worthy. There is probably someone who photographs cars and finds them a worthy subject: classic muscle cars, antique roadsters, and Formula 1 racing cars. I take pictures making an effort to be sure that cars don’t appear in them, with the exception of one rusty truck here.

Since there is no absolute measure of who or what is worthy, we can make our own private decision. Consider then the matter of whether you are worthy of love. On the one hand you might think not. After all, you know better than anyone else that you are flawed. You are not always kind and supportive. You are sometimes short-tempered. There was the time you said the thing that was almost true, but not quite. You never returned the gizmo you borrowed and promised to return. A list of your flaws or mine would be a long one.

On the other hand I love the chaotic tumble of weeds in the yard. You love your dog, who has never returned anything she borrowed on account of eating whatever that was. When we think of people and creatures we love, we see how worthy they are.

I don’t know why we see how lovable others are and see our own unworthiness, but this imbalance can cloud our vision. We need others to remind us that we are worthy of love. It seems something we cannot do on our own.

Maybe you know someone who is struggling, burdened with caregiving or health trouble or grief or financial difficulty. Choose one person and remind them today that they are worthy of love. This is my reminder to you.

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