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Behind this little clump of the world’s tiniest blue flowers is a bunch of thick brown stalks that died back for the winter. The garden bed looks rather forlorn and raggedy, but when I bend to pat Annie, who is lying in the bed sunning her belly, I notice the “weeds” mounding along the rock edging are sporting tiny star-shaped flowers.

I am not able to identify these small flowers, so perhaps they have escaped the notice of any botanist and are available for naming. In case that is true, I hereby name them stella tinicus. Stella, the internet informs me, means star in Latin. Tinicus is a word I made up to mean tiny because all the real Latin words that I looked up were already taken to describe other plants.

It is exciting to find this tough little ground cover providing some cheer in my otherwise bleak landscape. When the bees come to forage, it is one of the few sources of pollen and nectar this time of year.

Some aspects of your own landscape have the brown dry bleakness of midwinter. You have extra work giving care. A lot of practical chores need doing. Your must tend to your own health and well being. Amid all of this you would like to continue to excel in your work, be a good friend, and walk the dog.

Does that sound like a lot? Accomplishing all that seems like a pretty tall order.

People who love you are worried that you are carrying more than you can bear. Those of us friends and family who love caregivers, one and all, are not sure how best to put our collective shoulder to the wheel with you. So we write our love in these love notes every day. Perhaps you would rather have practical help making lunch, but today we send you the world’s smallest flower arrangement.

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