In winter the trees may look bare, but no self-respecting tree would appear in public naked. On ordinary days they are clothed with lichen and mushrooms and mistletoe, but sometimes they get decked out, and are a sight to behold.

Here is a mesquite branch dressed for a party. It’s a fancy party, not some casual event where you can thrown on your jeans and boots and just go. This party calls for a fancy dress with lace and ribbons and pretty colors.

The lacy ribbons are different kinds of fungi, artfully arranged for maximum allure. I must admit, I’m both attracted and a bit intimidated. If I were going to the same party, I would simply have nothing remotely appropriate to wear.

Winter beauty is a tiny bit more shy than the fields of flowers parading their loveliness in the spring. Winter beauties are cloaked, but when you find them, they are as beautiful as the most spectacular flower.

I think you may need something nice to wear. Not the usual stuff in your closet that you can wear to tend your loved one and toss in the laundry when yet another bad thing happens to it. Something special that when you wear it makes you feel attractive. Maybe a lovely pair of wool trousers, maybe a billowy blouse, maybe soft, warm socks with no holes in them. Is there something that comes to mind that would be a nice addition to your wardrobe?

If you have time today, add something good to your wardrobe. Wear it. You don’t need a special occasion. Having this item will help you make more occasions for it. You will create opportunities for time with people who already know what day it is without your telling them. That will be good for you.

2 thoughts on “Party

  1. I can’t always do things on the day you suggest them, but they often rattle around in my head for several days and then take root. Today, over a week after this was posted, I walked into instead of past two stores. In one I bought a cute leafy barrette, and in the other I found that supremely rare item, a pair of jeans that fit!!! They were about three times what I want to pay, but inspired by this post, I bought them.

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    1. Treating yourself well like this is one of the best things you can do as a caregiver. It extends your fuse, and all caregivers know the importance of managing the length of their fuse. Well done!


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