We were on a photo safari up the road from the Bossy Spa, when I came upon the neighbors’ cow quite close to the fence. At first it looked like she was lying alone in the grass. She looked relaxed, so I hoped she would let me photograph her. As I walked closer taking pictures I saw what you see here: two more pairs of fuzzy black ears. A calf lay on either side of her. Their bodies were so small they were hidden by the tall grass.

The mama actually allowed me to get quite close. She came up to the fence and put her big black nose over it to sniff out my intentions. The calves stood up and came within a few feet of me, always staying behind her, but curious and unafraid. I took pictures of all, which I will share with you, but this is the exciting moment when I realized something super cute was about to appear.

Sometimes ordinary times conceal wonderful moments. Seeing a cow in a pasture is pretty much a regular day for us. Investigating that scene is what produced the marvelous sight of these fuzzy black ears in the grass.

You have done some wonderful investigating to make good things appear in your life. You have stuck with the idea of getting some help. You have made sure you will have a break, and not just one day a month, but multiple times a week. You are still sometimes exhausted, but there is no better way of navigating your circumstances than what you are doing.

Some days things are really terrible and your person pulls things out of the trash that you were trying to throw away and sets them on the bench in the front hall, and gets super mad and refuses when you ask him to throw them away. Even those days hold the possibility for you to find something sweet and good.

Cultivate your curiosity today. Look for the wonderful popping up beside the ordinary. Look for the good hiding beside the terrible. You won’t always find it, but sometimes you will, and it will be worth the looking.

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