These yellow berries are about the size of cherry tomatoes. They are the fruit of western horse nettle, a lavender flower with five petals and a yellow center. When we make natural wreaths for the door, this yellow berry makes a beautiful splash of color.

It is fun to contemplate how inside each berry is the potential for hundreds more flowering plants. I hope when these berries dry and split they will cast so many seeds that we’ll grow whole fields of these flowers. You never know, though. They are competing with other seeds. What mix of flowers comes up in the spring depends not just on the seeds, but also on the conditions of sun and clouds and wet and dry.

About six months from now I will post a picture of the wildflowers in the spring. It will look like Monet came in the night with his paintbrush and put flowers in the fields. Then you will see what these simple yellow berries are capable of doing.

Don’t underestimate yourself, even if you are just a little yellow sphere. Things are going to look worse before they get better. Bright yellow will fade to a muted brown. Pods will crack and split. You won’t even notice that anything beautiful is happening, but this is a vital part of having beautiful wildflowers in the spring.

I cannot promise that something good will come from all the hardship in your life right now, but I think this is right. The crap of today composts into fertilizer that becomes the flowers of tomorrow.

In this winter of your life experiences, as your color fades and things burst open, what look like inconspicuous little bits of nothing now may be seeds with the potential for sprouting in time into something lovely. I wish this for you more than anything else in the world.

1 thought on “Seeds

  1. I LOVE the line, “The crap of today composts into fertilizer that becomes the flowers of tomorrow.”. Well said!

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