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The door of your cottage is open at the Bossy Spa. I took this picture in the rain last week, so you could see the rain running down the rain chain. The rain doesn’t show, but you can see the rain chain that directs the water from the gutter to a splash block on the ground to keep the rain from coming off the roof and down onto your head.

You can’t see the splash block in the picture, but it is actually an old roof tile from the home where our great grandfather lived in a tiny village in China. The house is still standing, and I took the tile from the yard when I was there two years ago. Our dad wrote the Chinese character for home on it in permanent ink. We will see how permanent the ink is with the rain splashing down on it.

The outer door to your cottage acts like a shutter over the inner glass door, which is more impervious to weather. This outer door that you see in the picture is the original door from when your cottage was the old smokehouse. The rafters were black with char from the meat getting smoked in there for decades. The ceiling now is all cozy with cedar planks, giving off a wonderful cedar smell.

We believe the original main house was built in the 1860s, but the smokehouse must have come later. Another stone outbuilding has the date 1927 carved into the mortar, so maybe your cottage is from the same time frame.

As you go about your busy life today, know that your door at the Bossy Spa is open. It welcomes you and invites you in, while the rain chain keeps the rain off your head.

An open door is really a matter of the heart, not the position of some planks of wood. Know today my heart is open to warmly receive you and welcome you in. You do the same for me, you know.

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