We got rain! It has been so dry here that the creek was low and the ground dusty. I was going to send you a picture of the rain splashing into the creek, but you can see how that turned out.

Cold weather came with the rain. It’s so cold that the dogs want to stay inside. We ran out to do the necessaries and ran back inside. I have not yet been out to feed the horses, but if they are cold and wet I may move them to another part of the property where there is more shelter.

I fervently wished for rain. All this rain is temporarily inconvenient, but it is so good for all the plants and will make for pretty wildflowers in the spring.

Cousin Joanne is visiting the Bossy Spa, and when she heard the rain start up with the howling wind, she was snug in her little cottage. She observed that we can interpret the strong wind as an indication that the world is unsafe, but it can also highlight our safe and sturdy cottage. Whether or not we feel safe is a lot about what happens in our heads. It is worth pondering this cousin wisdom.

I am snuggled in bed while writing this. It is time to go out and feed the horses, who I suspect are huddled together with the sheep under the overhang at the back of the barn. The paddock will be muddy, so I will have to change out of my dry fluffy robe and slippers and put on something ranch worthy: jeans, ranch boots, and a wide brim hat, so I don’t have to carry an umbrella, which occupies one hand and also scares the horses.

Will fortify with tea before venturing forth. If there are things you need to take care of today that are cold or wet or otherwise difficult, consider a nurturing ritual to fortify you for the task. I plan to have extra nice Earl Gray Creme tea with whole milk before venturing out into the mud. The tea doesn’t really help with the practical tasks at hand, but it helps me inside, so I feel warmer and braver.

After my tea ritual I decided you did not need to see the rain splashing in the creek. You could instead receive a photo of the charming bouquet in a vase by my sink. Best of all, this required no bravery or venturing forth on my part.

Choose a small ritual to perform today, maybe tea or maybe wearing the new socks that you bought but haven’t yet worn, to fortify yourself for the day. If you share what ritual you did, you might spark ideas for others.


1 thought on “Rain

  1. I have a fountain in my office that I sometimes run for the soothing sound of the water. It’s been pretty cold here, so the sound of water splashing on the rocks is less soothing than chilling. I decided instead today to light my office candle, to make me feel warmer and braver to deal with today’s difficult tasks.

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