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You can’t have spent this much time at the Bossy Spa without meeting Mark. This picture is of us looking in the creek to check on the fish and turtles. I tried to take a picture of them, but my phone doesn’t look through the water very well. Instead it captured our shadows, standing together. As you guessed, he is the tall one with the hat.

Mark’s contributions to the Bossy Spa are vital. There are a lot of big rumbling pieces of equipment needed to make things more civilized here: tractors for mowing paths in the fields, chainsaws for chopping firewood, and loud blowing things for keeping all the tires inflated. Things with engines are Mark’s domain.

His second area of expertise is the bar. Mark keeps the wine cellar well stocked with red wine and champagne and less well stocked with white wine. At cocktail hour, he makes the drinks, both cocktails and mocktails, whichever suits you. He procured an excellent margarita recipe from the Hotel Emma in San Antonio that is worth sampling. He makes other delicious beverages too, and when you come, he will serve you some.

The most important thing Mark does is take care of me. He treats me like I am precious, so I feel loved all the time. The reason I have a heart full of love to pour out is because he pours love in.

You won’t hear much from this shadowy man, but he is silently standing beside me, and I am relying on him. So you see, when I tell you how important it is that you have support, I am taking my own medicine.

You have some support too, don’t you? It is just not possible to do everything yourself. At the least you need someone to tell what is going on. Emotional support counts for a lot. Practical support is good too. Sometimes you can buy that, deciding to pay the plumber to fix the drippy faucet instead of doing it yourself.

There is no prize at the end of life that says “Congratulations! You did everything alone with no help from anyone! You win the prize!” Today accept any help that is offered. Share how this works out for you.


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