December is here! I have been wanting to show you this spontaneous holiday swag that self organized along the fence of my neighbor’s hayfield. You can see the field has been harvested and plowed and looks kind of dreary. It is resting for the winter. The rancher will plant more hay after the last frost and before the first spring rain. In good years we can get two crops a year.

Clearly a scene as dreary as this one needed a little holiday cheer so this Carolina snailseed vine grew up the fence, draped in an artful swag, and sprouted festive red berries. There is pretty much nothing else on the fence, so the impact is dramatic.

A few days after I took this picture I was walking past this spot and the dogs began sniffing, then barking wildly, flushing two armadillos from a burrow beneath the Christmas swag. Visualize me pulling the dogs back so the armadillos can waddle as fast as they can across the bare field to get away. Did you visualize me also pulling out my phone to take a picture? I didn’t think so. I was too concerned with dog wrangling and only thought of pictures when the armadillos were safely away.

Later I went back with no dogs on a specific armadillo photo safari, but they had moved on. Still, I like how the armadillos checked in to the hotel with the cutest Christmas decorations. It speaks of their impeccable good taste.

Can you demonstrate your own good taste and get away for a bit to a nice little burrow with charming decor? If you could just do it for a couple of hours, it would be so good for you. Maybe you can have a special holiday lunch with friends. If you will get away for a break, I’ll hold back the dogs.

Write where you might go for a break.

3 thoughts on “Swag

  1. This beautiful photo makes me want to find my own snail seed vine-covered fence! Not only for the self-evident beauty in the foreground, but also the hope seen in the background field, with promise of a new spring planting. Thank you, Deborah. :o)

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  2. I have a short but frequent vacation at the Bossy Spa, usually when I wake up but before I get up, with periodic returns through the day. I have a massage scheduled today, too. I could use the hot tub, but somehow it doesn’t happen often. Walking the dog while window shopping also works. Reading a book. Mini micro vacations, but sanity savers!

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  3. I am visualizing the armadillo photo safari and imagining the armadillos with giant camera bags slung around their necks, baseball hats on their heads, trying to get as lovely a photo as you did of the snailseed vine.

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