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When I bought this cedar sage, the cashier at the nursery said to me, “Once you plant these you will always have them.” I thought she meant it would grow as an evergreen shrub like my other sages, but cedar sage is different. I’ve had it five years now, and it disappears with the hard freeze and comes back bigger every year. I’m not sure whether it is coming back from seed or roots, but it comes back in the same spot, so maybe roots. Now it pokes through the fence by the front gate, the first flowers to greet visitors.

Cedar sage feeds the hummingbirds during their annual migrations through Texas. Pollinators love it too, the moths and butterflies more than the bees. The flowers bounce on delicate stems, so my myriad attempts at a clear photo have failed, and I am putting up this blurry photo so you get the idea. Think of this as an Impressionist rendering. Monet does fuzzy pastels flowers; here we have fuzzy brightly colored flowers. All art!

Love works like cedar sage. Once someone plants love in you, you will always have it. It may get buried under layers of leaves. It may deteriorate and look like it is completely gone, but it is under there somewhere, even on the coldest, hardest day.

Someone must have planted love in you, because here you are, tending someone who needs you now and really can’t do anything to thank or repay you. In fact your person may do the opposite and complain about how impossible you are.

From his perspective you are impossible. So picky! Everything has to be your way, so you took down the awesome solution he worked out for finding his favorite CD, duct taping it to the mirror. Now how will he ever find his CD? It’s ok if you heave a great big sigh now.

A caregiver has many winter days, when it seems like nothing will ever grow or bloom again. I promise you, the roots of love are just under ground. They will push up stalks and green leaves again. They will produce beautiful blooms in your life again.

Sending armloads of virtual hugs today. They multiply when shared.

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