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My bees have figured out that even though it is cold at night, my rosemary is blooming. As soon as the morning temperatures rise to a bee-friendly level, they are out flying from one tiny blue flower to another gathering pollen and nectar. When the rest of the plant world is fruiting, rosemary blooms.

I wanted to post a picture of a bee on the flowers for you, but I was not patient enough. The bees were blurry or gone by the time I snapped the photo. You will have to imagine them there. One of my rosemary bushes has gotten to the size of a baby rhinoceros. The other is about half that size. Google informs me that baby rhinos are pretty small. Maybe my rosemary is bigger.

Anyway I planted the rosemary thinking it would be nice to have fresh herbs for cooking. I now have enough to share with everyone I know without making a dent in it. What I never imagined was that my rosemary would be food for my bees, not just for me.

When I do nice things for myself, there seems to be some spillover of goodness to creatures I care about. I’m not sure it works in all cases, but this weekend at a local festival I tested out this idea. I bought a small container of shea butter hand cream from a man and his two little girls who made the product in their kitchen. They were out of the mint and eucalyptus scent I liked, so I paid him, and he said he will make some more and send it to me.

Getting this special lotion was the nice thing I did for myself. It felt good to support a real person instead of a marketing label. I don’t know what goodness will spill over from this, but I will keep you posted.

Experiment with me. Amid all your pressing chores, take an opportunity to do something extra good for yourself today. Flossing your teeth does not count. Keep track of whatever goodness spills from your kindness to yourself. If you cannot carve out the time, at least share what you will do when you have the time. You are worthy of all good things,

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