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We are going to talk about things that are annoying. You know you can’t say these things to just anybody or they will tell you that you ought to be grateful that at least you don’t have a malignant pizza slice hanging off the end of your nose or some other such nonsense.

And it’s true. You always have reason to be grateful that things aren’t worse. That does not mean that you are required to be a complete idiot and not notice when people or circumstances are annoying.

When you are a caregiver, annoying things happen all the time. It’s no wonder you sometimes find yourself short tempered. Under the circumstances being annoyed is normal.

If you are the one caregiver in the world who never finds the situation irritating, you are unsuitable for this blog. Please apply for sainthood and proceed immediately to the hereafter, where you will undoubtedly be received with trumpets, cookies, and other fanfare.

If you are still here, allow yourself to kvetch a bit, since it is just us and nobody judging. Complete the sentence below, or even write a whole paragraph, but under no circumstances are you to criticize yourself for complaining. Today, right here, you can just say how it is.

It annoys me when …


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