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They aren’t much to look at, these gary-green flat stalks, barely noticeable above the dry leaves, but beginnings are often unimpressive. You probably know these are daffodils, not yet putting out buds. One warm fall day last year I saw the bulbs for sale at the hardware store. I am easily carried away with big plans and, unable to resist the pretty flower pictures on the bag, bought 3 bags of 30 bulbs each.

When I got home and started digging to put them in, it seemed like 90 bulbs might have been too many. It was hot and dusty, but eventually I planted them all around the bird bath across the yard from the back porch. It takes bulbs a little while to get acclimated, so the blooms were sparse the first spring.

This year you can see the bulbs have subdivided, so where I planted one there are now two plants coming up. I like my chances of having a glorious yellow fiesta in the yard this year. When they bloom, I will put up a picture, and you will remember that this is how they started.

When we see a glorious fancy display it is easy to forget that it started in this small unassuming way. The little shoots are so inconspicuous, giving no indication of the beauty to come.

When we hit a low point in life, once the crisis is behind us the next day is a chance for a small new start, nurturing the possibility of a blossom in the future. Yesterday is behind you, with whatever struggles and fears and trials it held. Today is a new day, a chance for you to make a small start toward something new.

Each start is full of possibility. Some will just bloom once, but some will divide into two, then four, and eventually innumerable blossoms that you can enjoy and share with others.

Not all of our beginnings come to fruition, so it is important to have many small starts. Maybe you will send a card to an old friend you would love to hear from. Maybe you will invite someone over for a piece of pie. Maybe you will order a book on a subject that interests you or start learning that song you like on the piano. Maybe you will pursue a new business idea.

It is Valentine’s Day. Plant something in your life today that has the possibility of growing into something sweet. Yes, of course you are loved.

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