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This little guy is the same calf you met in the Ears post. As I approached it became clear there were two cows and two calves lying in the grass. When I got right up to the fence they stood up.

The calves are small, I’m guessing a couple months old. When they stood up they were even cuter than their ears had suggested. As they moved tentatively toward me, their moms got between us, doing their best to protect the little ones, but not before I definitively answered the question I had about cow snouts. They’re wet.

I don’t know why baby animals are so appealing, but they are. They have no idea what is going to happen next and no perspective of their place in the world, but they bring a sense of wonder to the ordinary moment. “Wow, a breeze!” I imagine them thinking to themselves. “Look! A person walking up!”

Maybe that is what we like about them. They remind us what it was like to experience the simple magic of being in the world.

As we get older we get more jaded. We think thoughts like, “Someone is walking up. I wonder what they are trying to sell.” No only have we felt lots of breezes, we also have a sense of how we fit into a larger context, and we know we are not the center of the universe. That is a little disheartening, but calves have no such discouragement. They don’t even know there is a universe that they may or may not be the center of.

Baby creatures can maintain this sense of wonder because someone else is taking care of all the practical details: what to eat, when to moo, and whether to move into another pasture.

Becoming more jaded is about having to take care of those things ourselves. Caregivers take care of more than their fair share of practical matters, which can trample our innocent hopes for unknown marvels.

You have done a great job of ensuring you get regular breaks, which opens doors of possibility. Consider how you might bolster your sense of wonder.

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