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We can host another episode in the contest where you figure out what is in the photos, but this morning I will just tell you. This is a donkey belly. I wanted you to see the gorgeous fur and comforting round shape. It is cold and wet in my part of the world, so a little warm furry comfort is in order.

This morning at the Bossy Spa we are serving jasmine tea with the scent of the delicate blossoms adding a hint of sweetness. If you were here you would be with me on the back porch because however cold it is, being outside is the best. We’d have warm blankets over our laps. We would drink quickly so the tea wouldn’t get cold.

After breakfast we would go on a ridiculously cold walk because the dogs will not have it any other way. As I imagine the way the rest of this day unfolds, it involves a fire in the wood stove and a stack of books and little projects like fixing a necklace clasp and hemming the skirt that is a touch too long.

Today may not be the most exciting day in the world, but it is a day for comforting rituals and staying warm. If you have a few small annoying projects floating around, getting them done can be really satisfying. If you have any things on your to-do list that can be outsourced to your sister who lives far away, send them.

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