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Imagine if you will a television show for flower nerds. The contestants would be shown random flower photos and would have to identify them. The person who first identified each flower would win a prize, maybe a pack of seeds. I realize not everyone would find this exciting, but I would watch it.

The tiny blue flower I posted yesterday was promptly identified, so I have succumbed to the temptation to once again crowd source my flower identification. This is another bright splash of green spilling over the rocks in the garden. If you look closely there are tiny white flowers shaped like four white hearts with their points joined in the center, where yellow dots hold the whole thing together.

I have enough confidence in your powers of identification that I will not presume to name this flower, though I did discover that cormeum is the Latin word for heart. That is how I would start to name this plant, if I were going to name it, which I most certainly am not.

Finding the name of a flower is like solving a crossword puzzle. If you don’t solve the problem, no lives are lost (unless you eat a plant you have not correctly identified).

I appreciate the comment from yesterday that says “a small, solvable, intellectual puzzle that interests me” is appealing. I find that too. The distraction can be welcome, and so much of life isn’t solvable per se. Life offers nothing to maximize; there are no clear optimization parameters. We are mostly just walking around and bumping into things and deciding whether to climb over them or sit down and rest for a bit.

If you have the time, take a short break to identify this flower, complete a crossword, or find a different little problem to solve with a clearly defined answer. The simple satisfaction from completing these tasks can be a small island of calm in a turbulent sea.

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