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Our horses, Barkley and Magic, are almost always together. If one comes in for dinner without the other, this is sufficiently rare that I go looking for the other one. When Barkley was sick, Magic was never far from him, and when I walked in the back pasture to check on him, Magic would run over to show me wherever Barkley was lying down. They have been friends and companions for fifteen years and even though they have their tiffs, they are inseparable.

Horses are herd animals by nature, so they are more comfortable in a group. Being part of a herd makes them safer in the wild. They are also social creatures, who show affection by grooming one another. A herd of horses is emotionally connected in ways we cannot fully explain. If a herd is grazing and one horse sees something scary, the fear seems to instantaneously infect the herd, and they all run, like one organism distributed into many bodies.

We human families can work like this too. When something affects one of us, we all feel it. When our loved ones are sick, we stand by them when the doctor checks them out. When one is sick or joyful, all the family members mourn or celebrate.

What horses are best at is just being peaceful. If they don’t need to graze or work at something, they can peacefully hang out under a tree, enjoying the shade and one another’s company. We humans are not so great at that. We resemble human doings more than human beings.

Inner peace is contagious, just like fear is. Sometimes when I am bustling about from one thing to another I go stand with the horses. Their inner quiet infects me. They stand beside me until I too am calm, then walk off.

Today is a day to cultivate inner peace. Close your eyes. Imagine these two huge gentle horses beside you. Feel the calm energy emanating from them. They have an abundance of peace, with plenty left over for you.

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