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As the sun drops lower in the afternoon sky, the oaks spend a moment basking in the warm rays. These oaks aren’t tall and stately. They’re shorter and scrubbier than oaks in wetter climates, but they can survive a pretty severe drought unscathed. Since they are lower to the ground and have deep broad root systems, they are incredibly stable.

Stability is reassuring. While things around us are changing it is comforting to know that some things are stable, and will be there in the same place no matter the weather.

Even the most flexible, adventurous person can feel a sense of calm comfort when coming home from a trip away. “Ah, there are all my things, right where I left them!”

Despite our resistance to change, sometimes we encounter changes for the good. We might be sad to learn a paid caregiver who relieves us a day a week is moving to another state, but that change prompts us to find the best relief options for our current situation, which may have changed since the last time we looked for help.

These thoughts about our preference for stability are preparation to let you know there are changes coming to the Bossy Spa. You, dear readers, have asked us to do some things that our current site configuration cannot do. Our current site is built on the technological equivalent of toothpicks, so Annie and Ginger and I, the Bossy Spa tech team, have engaged an actual technology professional, the lovely and talented Jonathan, to build a new site.

Jonathan is a human, so his opposable thumbs make him more adept at the keyboard than Annie and Ginger. While he could not begin to match the speed with which their paws track mud on the floor, he has built some beautiful websites before, so he brings with him the calm vision that such things can be done. Without his help, we would be floundering. In fact actual floundering has happened already, which is why he is helping.

The new site will be ready in a few days. When we switch over to it the content and comments from the existing site will go with us, but things will look different. If you read the site through WordPress reader, we may no longer be visible there. Subscribe in the next day or two, and you will still get the posts by email.

Bear with us as we make this change to ensure the site will be flexible enough to address future needs and stable enough to support growth in our readership. After you get used to the new look and feel, it too will feel stable.

There is nothing for you to do. When you visit one day it may be wearing a new outfit, but its heart is unchanged.

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