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The ashe juniper are full of berries, like Mother Nature decided to decorate the outdoors for Christmas Eve. The berries are edible, and taste just like the fragrant evergreen boughs smell. You can find recipes for fancy holiday poultry dishes that call for these berries.

When these trees bloom in the spring some people have an allergy to the pollen, which makes them unpopular, but at this time of year, they add festive berries and lovely holiday smells. They also play an important role in our native ecosystem as a host plant to the juniper hairstreak butterfly.

I have made wreaths with them in prior years, but this year I just tucked sprigs of fresh juniper into the light fixture over the dinner table. If you lie on your back on the table and look up, I bet it looks like a wreath. You already know I am a fan of less work, so the idea of making something wreath-ish this way was irresistible.

I know you don’t make a huge fuss at the holidays, but they can still be full of burdensome expectations. So today I am giving you homework. I know that is super mean and unfair on Christmas Eve, but this is the Bossy Spa, where we don’t hesitate to tell you what to do.

Your homework today is to think about tomorrow. Tomorrow you have a job, and today you must make a plan to carry out that job. You remember that day where you were going to make an awesome day for your loved one and do everything he liked and nothing he didn’t? You remember. You must make a plan today to make tomorrow that day for you.

You can’t because … and because … and because.., but you must do the best you can. Today, make a plan.

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