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Make a wish! We have a dandelion all puffy with seeds. You know how this works. You pick the dandelion and close your eyes and make a wish. Then you blow and all the seeds go aloft, and your wishes find their way to wherever they need to go to come true.

I have made a wish for you this morning. I don’t remember if you have to keep the wish a secret in order for it to come true, and Wikipedia does not have a good article clarifying the particulars of dandelion wishes. Since our dandelion is digitized, we can use it as many times as we want to, so we will do an experiment.

I will tell you what I have wished for you, and you will tell me if it came true. If is doesn’t work, we will experiment with keeping our wishes secret, ok? We cannot believe in hokey, untested ideas anyway, as we are sensible people.

So here is what I wished for you. I closed my eyes and wished as hard as I can that you would feel warmly surrounded by love all day today. Then I took a deep breath and blew out, visualizing all the seeds flying from me to you carrying all that love.

Maybe it will take a little time, since you are far away and the wind can only carry the seeds so fast. Maybe the love will hover near you, and you will not feel it until that moment right when you need it, and it will be there.

We don’t know how our experiment will turn out, but know that I am sending  you love today, and love is something real that makes a difference.

You can make your own wish on the dandelion too. If you want to tell what you wished, you can write a comment, but you may want to keep it a secret. Let me know if my wish came true.

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