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There is nothing more lovely than the Texas sky. You would think it would be the same as the sky everywhere else, but we seem to have our own celestial artist who twirls the clouds with a paintbrush when we are not looking. This spectacular sky presented itself through the truck window on an otherwise ordinary stretch of road.

The clouds and sky are a kind of Rorschach test, the ink blot test used to reveal the viewer’s perceptions of the world. What this sky says to me is that it is late in the day. There is a bright sun behind the clouds. Even though you can’t see it, it spreads a warm light though the sky, reflecting blue, gray, cream, and faint touches of pink. What lets the light in is a break in the clouds.

In the caregiver’s life there are many cloudy days, ones where you just want to pull the covers over your head and never get up, and you might stay there, except that at 3 am your patient comes in and hands you a plate of scrambled eggs, saying, “I made you breakfast!” There is, by the way, no correct response to this situation. However you handled it was just fine.

Later that morning, when normal people are also awake, she storms upstairs to let you know how angry she is that you threw away the stack of cardboard cereal boxes she had stowed under the couch. She was saving those to read the comics on the back of them, and now you have sent them all off to the recycling, which was totally disrespectful of her. And even later she forgets why she is so mad, but she doesn’t forget that she is mad. She just knows you did something terrible. She is mad and you are to blame.

Your life serves up so many cloudy moments like these. You can begin to despair that the sun will ever shine again. Today may be a cloudy day. Look for a break in the clouds, a moment when the light comes through and reflects lovely colors across your sky.

Tell how your sky looks today.

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