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You have earned another kitten picture. This is the same little lady featured a while back, who scrambled up the pecan tree to escape the scary dogs. She eventually climbed down from the highest perch in the tree to this more comfortable spot, peeking out from the crotch in the branches. She snuggled in for several hours, high enough off the ground to feel safe, especially with the thick pecan branches as protection.

As a caregiver you get chased by all kinds of scary things. Many of the things that chase you are worries. Will she flush her pants down the toilet again? Will he throw away everything in the drawers again? Will we have another bathroom accident on the way to the store? Where are the keys? What if he gets on the bus? What is that stuff on my shoe? What if she swallows a whole week’s worth of medicine? The list of worries is a bottomless pit.

Worry compounds your actual tasks, which are also daunting. Parse out the medicine. Schedule the next appointment. Pay the bills. Function at work. Check out the weird smell coming from the oven. Stop by the grocery store. Fix dinner. Listen. Have that same conversation again. And again. And again.

For today focus on the tasks, and do something different with the worries. I got this idea from the wonderful book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Choose a goddess jar. Mine is a clay teapot. When you have a worry, write the worry on a slip of paper and drop it in the jar. Remember the minor goddess in charge of small miracles for caregivers? You are turning over your worries to her.

Share an unproductive worry that you would like to let go.

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