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I am typing this with only one good hand. The other hand got caught in a tussle between the dogs and an orange neighbor cat. I scooped up the scared cat and handed him to his owner across the fence, resulting in nine puncture wounds, fortunately just in my left hand. You wished for kittens, and they are turning up everywhere. I am watching for infection and hoping the injury will not get in the way of dancing. Meanwhile, I am just lowering my standards for what needs to get done.

Lowering my standards is one of the most powerful coping skills I know. How clean is clean enough? You guessed it. It is clean enough already. Lots of problems can be solved this way. How can I bathe and wash my hair with deep puncture wounds in my hands? Bathing is so yesterday. Voila!

After the injury I oddly decided to play the piano, which I don’t do very often. I wanted to gently move my fingers to keep them supple, so they wouldn’t stiffen up and swell. I can’t say that it worked very well, but it was fun to play for a while.

I have not only been playing piano. I have been playing period. Yesterday I played with fabric and dye. You know what I have decided about play? Play is productive. When I play a lot I am much more effective and creative in other areas of my life. Plus I am happier.

Do you have time for play? If not, let me know and I will send you my musical thumb gourd. You can play a song after ploinking on the gourd for about five minutes. If you play it every day for a week, you will achieve full mastery. It is mildly out of tune, but can be adjusted to be mildly out of tune in new ways.

What will you do for play that will impress me sufficiently that I won’t put the thumb gourd in the mail to you?

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