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This morning I am not the Boss of the Bossy Spa. I have a supervisor. This fluffy little gray and white kitten materialized out of the mist and sauntered into the yard just after breakfast. The dogs went wild, chasing her a few laps around the yard before she scrambled up the pecan tree and perched on a branch.

She is wary of me, but stayed still for me to take her picture. Now she is sitting calmly, supervising while I write.

We haven’t seen cats around in several years, but I know why she is here. You requested pictures of kittens. How was I to find kittens? I have two dogs and don’t know anyone with kittens, but whichever minor goddess is in charge of small miracles for caregivers sent her, so now you have a kitten picture.

Since your kitten is supervising, I am channelling her wisdom to share with you. She wants you to remember that even though you have a great big thing that is all wrong in your life, small good things still happen and help make the big bad thing easier to bear.

I went inside to move the laundry to the dryer, and your kitten moved to a lower branch. She let me photograph her again, so there is another kitten picture in your future.

Your beautiful kitten surprise is a fluffy beacon of hope that today might contain some sweet moments.

Amid all the burdensome responsibilities of being a caregiver, have you noticed any small good things? Share one as an encouragement to yourself and others.

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